Waleska is naturally artistic and loves creating. She would work on many side projects to bring in extra income for her family from sewing, crafting home décor, and making pinatas. It wasn’t much, but it helped. It became very difficult when her husband lost his job.

Waleska is an entrepreneur at heart. She doesn’t like to limit herself, she always goes for new challenges. She learned about our Learning and Mentoring Center (LMC) in Honduras from a friend at church. She was immediately drawn to the graphic design class. She became very interested and decided to enroll in this class. Waleska didn’t miss of day of class.

She said that “The LMC expanded my vision of the many possibilities of progress. It has allowed me to develop greater skills and ideas to create other items.”

With the graphic design skills learned and the business development and personal MENTORING she received, Waleska and her husband, decided to start a digital print t-shirt business. Both are currently working in the business and their income has improved considerably. The knowledge and skills she developed from the LMC allowed her to get her family out of their difficult financial situation.

She is very grateful for our MENTORS and teachers for their support. She shared “The LMC appeared in my life when I needed it the most. It has been such a great blessing for my family.”

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