Today Wendy is the owner of her own online English Academy.

Her teacher Troy shared with us, “Wendy was one of the best students I have taught. She showed commitment, dedication, and responsibility while she was learning.”

Wendy lives in Guatemala City with her two daughters Janneth and Brianna. Through some friends, Wendy learned about the classes offered by Mentors International. The English lessons were very appealing to her. She knew that learning a second language would be a valuable tool. She was nervous to go back to school, but she thought that attending these classes would set a good example for her daughters. Wendy not only completed the basic English class but went on to complete the intermediate English class as well.

To help fulfill her Service Currency requirement Wendy thought outside of the box. With so many restrictions because of the pandemic she helped promote Mentors International and our Center for Education and Mentoring on Social Media. She was instrumental in helping many others learn about our programs. She also mentored and tutored some of the other students that were enrolled in the basic English class.

After Wendy completed her training from Mentors International she obtained a job as a part-time elementary school teacher.

Initially, Wendy admits that she had to overcome the fear of speaking English with another person, much less teach it. The more she practiced speaking the more comfortable she became. Wendy worked with her mentor to determine how she could set up her own English Academy. Together they created a business plan and applied the steps needed to get it started. Today Wendy is the owner of her own online English Academy. She is excited about education, and can’t wait to share it with others.

She says, “I have dreams that have started to materialize, and I continue to dream. I want to achieve self-sufficiency. I am no longer afraid to speak or teach English. I give sincere thanks to Mentors International for supporting me and helping me achieve a better self. I can say that this organization has played an important part in my life.”

Her teacher from Mentors International Troy followed up his remarks by saying, “When Wendy was learning, I knew that she was setting herself up for success. This filled me with great joy. I wish for her to achieve all of her dreams.”

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