While out doing visits, a mentor from Mentors Honduras heard strange machine sounds coming from a small home. She inquired further into this “noise” and met Maria Velasquez and her four children. Our mentor was immediately impressed with Maria and her small at-home business.

That noise turned out to be a shoemaking machine. Maria told Mentors Honduras that her dream was to own her own shoe store. Her enthusiasm to get ahead was contagious. Maria expressed that she wanted to hire several workers and be able to sell in bulk. The mentor told her about Mentors Honduras business training and the personal development courses they offered. Maria couldn’t believe that classes like these were being taught for free. Not only would she be able to learn how to grow her business, but Mentors Honduras provided small business loans as well. She immediately knew this was the answer she had been waiting for.

With Maria’s determination and training from Mentors Honduras, Maria was ready to realize her dreams. She immediately put into practice the lessons she was taught. She enjoyed learning and attending the classes with other mothers in her community.

She no longer makes shoes from her home. Maria has a beautiful place in the center of the community and has hired others to work for her. It is very rewarding for Maria to have her children work with her side by side.

Once Maria didn’t know if she would earn enough money from her shoe business to provide for her children’s needs. She felt alone —yet today she is part of the Mentors Honduras community.

Life has not been easy for Maria, but that did not stop her. She is a strong and determined businesswoman and mother. Thanks to the training and mentoring from Mentors Honduras, Maria become empowered to move ahead, grow her business, and see her dreams become a reality. She is grateful that one of our mentors stopped to see what that “strange noise” was.

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