From a roadside shack to a nice indoor store.

Xochilt and Justin are young entrepreneurs, only 20 years old. They started their business together, selling beauty and skincare products. They started with little capital and without a place to sell their products. They built a little roadside stand with leftover wood and scrap tin for a roof.

It was Justin’s cousin who introduced them to Mentors International, a turning point in their business. Guided by their mentors, they began tracking their sales and soliciting feedback from their customers. This invaluable insight helped them identify the products with the highest potential. They also learned to compare prices from different suppliers, ensuring they secured the best deals to increase their profits. 

Today, their business is thriving thanks to mentoring and investing back into their business. Xochilt and Justin now rent a small indoor shop. They built better shelving and a glass display case, allowing them to showcase their products more effectively. The indoor setting not only protects their products from the elements but also enhances the shopping experience for their customers. They take pride in maintaining a clean store, recently enhancing its appeal by repainting the walls.

Because of the growth of their business, they recently hired two additional employees.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, but Xochilt and Justin are still motivated to continually improve their business so that they are able to provide the best for their future family one day.

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