Yackeline has a great heart.

Yackeline has shown to have a great heart and charity towards her neighbors by helping those most in need. Encouraged by her mentors, and to fulfill her service obligation, Yackeline started gathering food to share with many of the refugees from Venezuela who live on the streets in her community. These refugees have almost nothing and rely on the kindness of strangers for food as they beg on the streets.

With her own money, Yackeline buys fruit, bread, and cookies. She packages them up and goes throughout the streets looking for those in need. She hopes to lessen their hunger, and possibly bring them a smile. Yackeline is grateful to God for the many blessings that she feels compelled to help others.

Yackeline, alongside her husband, has improved their circumstances, and together they provide better for their three children.

Yackeline was trying to sell beauty products to her friends and neighbors to help add some extra income for their family. A neighbor told her about Mentors International and the vocational programs that we provide. Yackeline enrolled in the sales and customer service class. After attending only, a couple of classes she knew that these lessons would help her improve her business. Yackeline didn’t miss a class. She would attend in the evenings. This flexible schedule helped her juggle her many responsibilities as mother, wife, and business owner.

Yackeline was a model student. She put principles into practice and started seeing improvement very quickly. She increased the number of customers who purchase from her, and today she manages a group of other women who also work as beauty consultants. She shares what she learned from Mentors International with the women she manages. Together they are all benefiting and increasing their incomes.

Yackeline income has greatly increased over the last year, and today she makes about $700 a month. Her 40-hours of service ended months ago, but at least once a week Yackeline will take the time to gather her care packages and take them to families in need.

Yackeline’s dedication to her family, her customers, the women she manages, and to her service project, is an example to all of our students, teachers, and mentors.

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