Yander Started His Own Business

“The pandemic taught me that we must diversify in all aspects. There is a world outside that we must face and prepare for as much as we can. We must achieve self-sufficiency and do that. We must get out of our comfort zone and learn new things. It is scary, but the results are good and in the long term they will pay off. Every Keystone video I watched, I took it seriously. I came up with new plans and put them into practice within my business.”

Yander was sending out multiple job applications and trying to find work after he lost his job due to the pandemic. He saw an advertisement about the vocational courses offered by Mentors International posted in his neighborhood WhatsApp group. He was interested in the graphic design course.

At first, he found the course boring and considered dropping out, but the Keystone Personal Development course that he received in conjunction with the graphic design course helped him see and feel the true purpose of each weekly lesson. In his words, Yander became a more dedicated student. He realized he didn’t need to settle on just finding a job, but he could manage his own business. He started a graphic design agency, named Authentic Design.

At the end of the graphic design course, he created his own logo and a basic identity manual with which I began to shape the project. Next, he enrolled in the following virtual business development course. He wanted to continue expanding his knowledge.

Yander shared with us that, “It was not easy and it took me a long time to understand since I did not have experience with marketing or generating publicity. The classes seemed like a bombardment of important new information. I remained dedicated to learning and putting everything I learned into practice. I managed to finish the course and had three clients interested in logo design.

I went from being unemployed to becoming an entrepreneur, from having no income to being able to earn approximately $250 USD a month. Before receiving training from Mentors International, I had no money and now I do.

Mentors International opens your eyes and mind to new things. Things that they know will help you succeed and achieve self-sufficiency. The Keystone course has been the foundation of many things that I have put into practice in this process. Mentors International puts everything at your fingertips; it is a blessing. They taught me to discover the divine potential that is in me and that we can achieve everything we set out to do. The perseverance and dedication that we have allows Heavenly Father to bless us. For these things and more, I will always be grateful for Mentors International.”

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