Without question doTERRA is the essential oils phenom – let’s just say in the universe – in order to cover all the obvious bases. Essential oils are known for their soothing, toning, detoxing energizing, uplifting, warming, or renewing properties. My favorites include those that relieve and headaches associated with that – something I have needed more often than I would hope, but for which I am grateful every time.

doTERRA is an obvious phenomena when you visit their “expansive and impressive” campus. It’s almost impossible to believe that 6ml bottles of oils sold all over the world could create such a beautiful, well-designed and user-friendly campus for employees and visitors alike. This campus is truly worth seeing. Perhaps one of the new wonders of the world (maybe a stretch).

Yet what does constitute one of the wonders of this essential oils marvel is their “expansive and impressive” reach into the poorest communities of the world. doTERRA has a truly far-reaching and profound social impact accomplished through the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. The giving of this essential oils giant wasn’t an afterthought to their success – it was the thought of their and purpose. And they have not been deterred independent of or because of their monumental success – in fact, they have become more committed than ever – uniquely committed!

From emergency relief and hygiene kits (over 52K in 2018 alone) distributed for hurricane, wildfire and even volcano disasters, to schools, refuge for abused women and children, anti-human trafficking efforts to micro-lending and more! Covering countries from Bulgaria, Guatemala, Haiti, Kenya, Ghana and even in their of Utah – to name a few – and I do mean a few.

One could never accuse the founders, employees, distributors or partners of doTERRA of thinking too small. In fact, based on what I’ve seen as one of their valued social impact partners, I am thoroughly convinced they have taken their best “expansive and impressive” thinking and dedicated it to how they can help, bless and lift the lives of God’s children in the developing nations of the world.

So what does this do for Mentors International? It goes without saying I am deeply grateful for their financial support in our cause. Nevertheless, and perhaps more importantly, I feel the absolute need to keep up with their feverish pace. I am motivated to put our best thinking and actions to work. I don’t want to be left behind in the proverbial dust. Why? Because I want the adventure that comes with being associated with this “one of a kind” phenomena.

Essential oils, providing essential needs – essentially to all of God’s children.

Curtis Bennett, CEO

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