Zipporah is a pioneer and one of the first to receive mentoring and business training in Kenya.

“I am more motivated and hopeful than ever before because I now have mentors walking this journey towards success with me. I am becoming more confident and organized.”

  • Zipporah from Kenya

Zipporah started her entrepreneurial journey by selling sweets along the road. She didn’t have the opportunity to receive a higher education that would qualify her for formal employment. That is why she had to start small and sold candies. Life was very difficult for Zipporah, her husband, and her four children. She didn’t have much direction. She tried to improve by doing the best she could.

Today Zipporah sells secondhand clothes. She buys clothes in bulk bales and then sorts them for quality while pricing them accordingly. She currently sells children’s and women’s clothing.

In the short three months since she received mentoring and business training, she has already started to see an improvement.

Zipporah hopes to grow her business and clientele so that one day she will have a lovely boutique with all the necessary attires for children, ladies, and men.

Zipporah is grateful for the Mentors International mentoring program. She looks forward to her mentor visiting and phone calls. When a mentor arrives, she stops everything she is doing and gives them her full attention. She actively participates by doing her homework, contributing to the lessons, and sharing her financial records for feedback and guidance.

Today, Zipporah still cannot comfortably afford all her family’s basic needs but hopes to progress as she continues with the mentorship.

One of her first improvements was starting separate saving accounts for her business and her family. She now puts $10 aside each month in her business savings account. She is saving up to build shelves and hanging cloth racks for better display and organization.

She has learned to keep regular and accurate accounting records. She is now tracking her expenses and daily sales for her business. Zipporah is also working on her family budget.

Zipporah has great hope for the future. She is a pioneer and one of the first to receive mentoring and business training in Kenya. We look forward to sharing her future successes and progress.

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