Ayama Korkor

Ayama Korkor

Ayama Korkor from Ghana Some say it began with a small loan of only $105 USD, but Ayama credits the training and... Read More »

Naomi – Ghana

Naomi Krang – Ghana Naomi Krang continues to be an inspiration and a pillar in her village. Recently, the Mentors Ghana staff... Read More »

Update on Gladys – Ghana

Gladys – Ghana We first met Gladys a little over a year ago. (Read her first story.) She was beginning to grow... Read More »

Banjamin – Ghana

Benjamin Obeng – Ghana Benjamin Obeng is a twenty-year-old high school graduate from Abomosu. The road he traveled to achieve his education... Read More »

Mavis – Ghana

Mavis Bontiwwa – Ghana Mavis Bontiwaa had learned the trade of hair dressing before she was married and had kids. Because she... Read More »

Isaac – Ghana

Isaac & Adwoa Ayim – Ghana Isaac Ayim lives in Abomosu, Ghana. He was a local herbal medicine seller who went to... Read More »

Comfort – Ghana

Comfort Darkoa – Ghana Comfort Darkoa lives in a small village called Asamama, Ghana. She is a single mother with four children.... Read More »

Margaret – Ghana

Margaret – Ghana Margaret was born and raised in the village of Awosoase, Ghana. As a single mother she often depended upon... Read More »

Gladys – Ghana

Gladys – Ghana Gladys lives in the village of Sankubenase, Ghana. She is a refugee from Nigeria. When she was young she never... Read More »
Amina – Ghana

Amina – Ghana

Amina and her husband Yusif live in Kwabeng, Ghana. They have been struggling to find a steady way to provide for their... Read More »