Being the oldest of eleven children, and the daughter of a coconut farmer, Letecia Siton had to quickly learn work hard while growing up. Letecia was fortunate that she was able to attend and graduate from high school. It was shortly after graduation that she met her husband, Ruben Siton. They married when Letecia was nineteen years old and Ruben was twenty-two years old. Together they started a small piggery business.

As their family grew, Letecia and Ruben added other businesses in addition to their piggery. Using the front of the home where they lived, Letecia sold some convenience store items and had a coin-operated video game and a videoke machine. With these businesses in place, Letecia and Ruben were able to bring in about $14 USD per day.

A few years later Letecia was introduced to Mentors Philippines. She and Ruben were happy with their businesses, and at the same time, were anxious to do more. They eagerly participated in the classes and gained an appreciation for financial advice. They were excited to know there was a Mentor that would continue to train and help them where needed.

The first loan Letecia received was for $100 USD. As Letecia and Rubin applied the principles and practices they learned, their business started to grow as well as their financial stability and savings. They were able to purchase additional computer game machines and offer many more items to sell in their Sari-sari store. Eventually, as they saved money, Letecia and Rubin were able to buy a lot, construct and fully furnish a home for their family.

Currently, their income is around $190 USD per day. They have been able to send their oldest daughter to a secondary school, and they plan to do the same with their other children.

Letecia and Rubin feel very blessed and want their children to understand the result of work and determination.

When asked what they hope for the future, they reply, “We hope through our example that our children and friends will know the importance of hard work. That they will trust God and have respect for their elders and others. We hope to inspire others to be entrepreneurs. We hope to create job opportunities for other people. We want to give hope to others to not give up on their dreams. We are very grateful for Mentors Philippines.”

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