Last week, Mentors International took an expedition to their operations in Peru. The trip included visits with borrowers and staff of Mentors International in and around Lima. Mentors Expeditioners partnered with local volunteers to update a small school on the outskirts of Lima. “The school is in a very poor area,” explained Director of International Operations, Nathan McClellan. “It often gets broken into at night and school supplies are taken from the classroom.” The Mentors International group completed many needs for the school. They repainted the exterior of the building as well as all tables and chairs. The group also replaced and repaired portions of the ceiling that had been leaking. Finally, they reinforced a wall to help reduce future theft to the school. As a bonus, small wooden toy cars were gifted to the school for the children in that area.

Expeditioners also visited a daycare center in Lima for disabled children. Toy cars were again distributed and the group interviewed the owner of the establishment, who is also a benefactor of the Mentors International program.  The owner, Juana, is a single mother with two sons. Through her interaction with Mentors International, she became the president of her community bank called “Dynamic Women.” The group met with many more Mentors International borrowers like Juana and saw how the loans and training have been able to enrich their lives. After several days in Lima, Expeditioners enjoyed sight seeing around the Sacred Valley, Cuzco, and of course Machu Picchu.

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