Pearls With Purpose

The purpose of this program is to provide artisans, primarily women, in underdeveloped countries the opportunity to learn the art of jewelry making along with personal development and business skills training.

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Our Pearls with Purpose program fosters economic independence and provides a steady income empowering families to grow in greater self-reliance. Since 2002, Pearls with Purpose has worked with women-owned co-ops, and have trained 338 jewelry artisans.

The finely-crafted products they create are then sold in America. The income they receive helps them break free from the cycle of poverty.

When you purchase a piece of jewelry made from one of our artisans you help create hope and self-sustainability in women throughout the world.

With your help, we can do more! YOU can gain MORE PURPOSE and become part of our community transforming lives through self-reliance.


Our Pearls and Fine Jewelry


This jewelry is handcrafted by artisans and Mentors International clients in Peru, Dominican Republic, India, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

We use Grade-A South Seas Pearls, Austrian Swarovski Crystals, Larimar, semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver or stainless steel. Because of the handcrafted nature of our products, variations may occur in color, size, and design, so no two pieces will ever be identical.

“My whole life I was told I was nothing – would become nothing. I had leprosy. I am missing limbs. I am useless. I spent day after day just sitting, watching. Then I heard about jewelry making. I came, you taught me, and I can do! My husband is leprosy-affected, too. He only works when people take pity on him. He said to me, “Yes, try this”. So I did. He is so happy for me, and now I am something. I can do something. Now I feel again, I have a skill.”

Desiammal (Pearlologist, India)

When you purchase this piece of jewelry you create self reliance for artisans who are working with Mentors International to improve and grow their business. Pearls with Purpose is a program under the direction of Mentors International. The mission of Mentors International is to empower the world’s poor to grow in self-reliance through personal and business mentoring and access to financial services.