Rita Mareno is a real go-getter. She owns a shop where she sells a variety of rice, and she also owns a small luncheonette. She is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, never taking a day off. Rita is very grateful for the mentoring and lessons she had learned from Mentors Philippines. Learning to track her inventory has really helped Rita expand her business. She now knows how much of each variety of rice she is selling. She is able to afford to order additional quantities of the more popular varieties of rice ensuring that she doesn’t run out. Her mentors have helped to learn how to invest her profits wisely. She has also been able to use her small loans to purchase new kinds of rice for her customers to try not only at her rice shop but at her luncheonette. With the added variety in her menu, her customers are always coming back wanting to try new foods, while making sure she has plenty of the customer’s favorites. With her growing business, Rita has hired three additional employees. Rita is excited about the success of her two businesses. She is always looking for ways to improve. “With Mentors Philippines supporting me I know that I can do anything that I put my mind to,” said Rita with great determination.

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