Seven of our advanced English students are PAYING IT FORWARD and volunteering in their neighborhood of San Miguel, Nicaragua. During the holiday break they were holding basic English classes on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Now that school is back in session they are teaching on Saturday mornings.

These basic English classes taught by our volunteer “student-teachers” are geared towards youth ages 8-17. These classes are divided into two age group. Their goal is for the participants to achieve basic English-speaking skills, with limited reading and writing abilities. This will prepare the students so that they can attend the intermediate classes taught at our Learning and Mentoring centers if they want to continue their education.

Having proficient English speaking and writing skills will help these youth find better paying jobs when they graduate from their secondary schools.

The youth living in San Miguel are benefitting from the knowledge shared by their “student-teachers”. This pilot program is getting great feedback, and we are excited to see what these children will accomplish.

Our advanced English Students are grateful for the opportunity to mentor and teach the youth in their communities. Additionally, teaching these English lessons have helped our Advance English Student Teachers to really improve on their English skills as well.

There is no monetary cost for attending any of the educational certificate courses that we teach at our Learning and Mentoring centers. Students “pay” for their education by completed 40-hours of approved community service. 100,784 hours of community service was completed during our 2019 fiscal year.

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